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Brent Sharpe: "It's great to have Steve at Pack Pride and I can't wait to read his updates. He's one of the best!"

John Sturgis: "My subscription to Pack Pride just got better with them picking up Steve Williams. His recruiting profiles and rankings are always accurate and unbiased... what you can only ask for as a subscriber."

James Henderson: "Steve Williams is the most well-known football analyst covering N.C. State recruiting, and I'm thrilled to now work with him at Pack Pride."

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Steve has covered Wolfpack football recruiting for more than five years and is the source for the latest on NC State football recruiting across the 'net.

Steve is known for his objectiveness and fairness in his reporting. This over the years has built a loyal following of recruitniks and instant respectibility among recruits and fans alike.

His insights and journalistic accumen will make him an integral member of the Pack Pride team, making our premium content second to none.

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