ScoutTV: Irving, Spencer Talk Football

Nate Irving

GREENSBORO, NC -- NC State's Nate Irving and Owen Spencer met with the media Sunday afternoon at the ACC Kickoff to discuss the upcoming 2010 season.

Senior Linebacker Nate Irving
"We know and we've followed each other's story... we know what's going on, so when we got together it was on a much lighter level."

"For the last few years, NC State equals injuries. We've just got to keep our people healthy so we can perform the way we want to perform."

"It happens. Football is a collision sport. You hope the injuries that do happen are minor injuries and you have players who can come back from it. Sometimes the ball doesn't go your way."

"Our coaching staff sets up meetings with compliance and during our compliance meetings we go over the agent talk."

"We don't want to be in the news for something else, so we've been made aware about what we can do and what we can't do. I think we're making pretty smart decisions about the agent process."

"I'm expecting to be a little bit better than that player was. I've got a saying, 'You never stay the same. You either get worse or you get better.' I'm trying to exceed 2008 and where I was then."

"I realize that I could have been gone or not have another chance to play football. I appreciate it so much more and give it everything I've got anytime I have to do something."

"It's made me a lot more mature in my decision making... after my accident I realize I took like for granted, the small things. It made me appreciate more and make better decisions."

"God has a plan for me. I don't know what it is, but I'm hoping to live it out and find out."

"It made me feel helpless. I watched some of the seniors finish up in a way they didn't want to finish. I felt like I had let them down by not being out there with them. I think that was the hardest part."

"He taught me so much more about the game of football."

Senior Wide Receiver Owen Spencer
"Sometimes it's a result of you not thinking or not moving your feet. We try to limit those because they take a toll on you towards the end of the week."

"It's always good to keep that same relationship going."

"We were getting reps with the No. 2 quarterback, Mike Glennon, and that's always important... to have chemistry with both quarterbacks."

"We talk about the things we can do to get better as an offense."

"The decisions that they made, they are mistakes, but I'm pretty sure they learned from it. It's football time now, and they know what they've done. They've vowed not to let it happen again."

"We've been taught not to deal with those at this time."

"You have to know what situation you are in and how to act accordingly."

"I've had success against Florida State, so I hope they don't switch it up too much."

"We've got to execute our offense."

"We know that's the strength of our team, the receivers and quarterback. We've got to prepare accordingly... we know our passing game opens up our running game."

"We've got to elevate our level so the running game can be successful."

"Russell is an unbelievable talent. He has been blessed with gifts that are tremendous."

"He's a very humble guy. He's hardworking... a tremendous talent." Recommended Stories