Locker Room Report: NC State

Locker Room Report: NC State

NASHVILLE, TN -- Dana Bible, Mike Glennon, and Earl Wolff met with the media following the loss to Vanderbilt.

Dana Bible
"I knew I had to have complete focus and then think about what happens later. We'll see what happens. I now have time to sit down and think about that and see what the future holds."

"Two of those interceptions I'm going to put on me. I put him in a position to do that... I wanted him to try and drive it and try to make the throws."

"We took the other approach... we weren't going to play it safe. We were going to be attacking on it and if they made a play on it the more power to them."

"We wanted to be aggressive with our approach and most of those picks right there were on me on the playcalls."

Earl Wolff
"Coach Bible has done a great job. We were the same team. They came out and basically executed and made plays."

"They are a great team. They came out, and they were better today."

"This university gave me an opportunity to play college football. I'd like to thank coach Bible, coach O'Brien, and all the coaches for recruiting me."

"He's a good quarterback. He made a lot of plays. He's a good player."

Mike Glennon
"I'm very proud to have played here. He has done a great job for me. He's helped me out with my future."

"I don't think it was really the speed of the game."

"I would imagine they are going to be in a good position. I'm sure the new coaches will do a good job. I think we have a lot of talent coming back, and hopefully we will continue to improve and get better in the offseason." Recommended Stories